Low-Carb Sandwich Bread


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  • I made this today and it is the best keto bread I have tried. Everyone says their’s tastes the best but I have yet to find one that actually tasted like bread – or at least really close! The loaf rose above the loaf pan and is the size of a normal loaf of bread. I cooled it on its side. And the tip about a cup of boiling water inside the microwave to expedite the rising of the dough worked like a charm! My husband and I split the crust to sample – warm with butter. He loved it too.

  • Hi Claudia! Thanks for the comment. Yes, 1 tsp of sugar in the place of honey should work just fine to activate the yeast. Let us know how the recipe goes. :)

    Happy baking!

    Modern Mountain
  • Can I substitute 1tsp sugar for the honey?

    Claudia Wood

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