Low-Carb Sandwich Bread


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  • I made this today and…holy cow….excellent!! None of the keto bread recipes I’ve tried have turned out. Then I found this one and decided to make it in my bread machine. Added all ingredients, hit the button and walked away. 3 hours later I had a gorgeous loaf of real bread!! I kid you not, I took it out of the machine and it looked like it should be on a magazine cover. After it cooled, I tried it and could not believe it. It tastes like real bread, with a taste like a wheat bread. It had the soft texture of real bread and tasted just like it. I can’t thank you enough – I will be making it all the time!

  • Excellent bread!! Made it in my old breadmaker on the wholewheat mode and it turned out fantastic! Toasted the next day with all the sandwich fixing it tastes so good. Thanks for the great recipe!

    My only wish is a listing of what the carbs would be.

  • I made this for the first time and I’m so happy !! I wasn’t the greatest at making regular bread so I was a little intimidated but it was so easy ! The carb count per slice is a little higher than I would like but this bread tastes much better than the keto bread I am able to buy at the store and just 1 piece is pretty filling. For a 40g slice I calculated 2.5g net carbs (9.5g total carbs-5.7g fiber-1.3g sugar alcohols) 10g protein, 2.4g fat. It toasts up perfectly! Untoasted, it has that “chew” like regular bread. It’s soft with a nice crumb and crust. It holds together with condiments when used as a sandwich. I greased my loaf pan with ghee. I found the recipe straight forward and the dough was a little sticky. I did have to add a couple Tbs of extra vital wheat gluten as suggested to get it to start pulling away from the sides of the mixing bowl with the dough hook. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use the dough hook ?? I floured my hands with a little lupin flour and a little on the counter when shaping the dough. I would use a bigger loaf pan next time as it rises quite a bit. I may divide dough in two smaller loaf pans next time or try a rustic loaf rise in a banneton basket to see if that works?? As another commenter mentioned the cup of hot water next to the dough to rise in the microwave worked great !! Im still working on eating the first loaf, storing it wrapped in fridge seems to keep it ok without drying it out. I can’t wait to make it again !!!
    My questions are…
    Do you mix it the whole time with the paddle or switch to dough hook?
    Does this dough work as a rustic loaf risen in a basket or on a cookie sheet?
    Does this dough work for buns?
    Would add-ins like nuts and seeds affect the rise?
    Would this dough work for cinnamon rolls?

    Thank you so much !!!


  • I was able to make this in my bread machine! I have an Oster, that requires adding liquids first, then all dry items.

    Stacy Ayotte
  • Love this recipe! I was wondering if a few nuts and raisins could be added to make a raisin nut bread?


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