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What is Lupin Flour?


Let’s face it: it doesn’t matter if you’re talking beans or beetroots, nuts or coconuts, cake or cassava, seeds or sorghum… there’s a flour variety made for and from just about everything these days (as a specialty flour company, we know…). It can certainly make it difficult to inform yourself on what to use when, or why to use what (and it looks like you might be just be a testament to that difficulty, given that you have stumbled across our article where you are learning more about lupin flour!). But regardless of your dietary preference, (gluten-free, low-carb, vegan, or just ‘gimme-darn-tasty-while-still-cheap-and-healthy’), lupin flour is a new power-packed specialty flour option that is sure to find a happy home in any modern diet.

Lupin flour is milled from the sweet white lupin bean, a legume in the genus lupinus, which is comprised of over 100 different species of lupin. While lupin has been hanging around in Australia since as early as the 1850’s1, it has only more recently become a crowd-favorite flour for use in cooking and baking. It is naturally gluten-free, low on the glycemic index, low in starch, distinctively high in both protein and fiber, and uniquely low in carbohydrates. In fact, Modern Mountain lupin flour is 39% protein and 25% fiber.

 With only 1g of net carbs per serving, lupin flour makes most of its red-carpet appearances in keto and low-carb baking and cooking and has quickly become a staple in any keto kitchen. However, that’s certainly not to suggest that it doesn’t make plenty of star appearances in other areas; whether it’s gluten-free cooking, protein-packed baked goods, or even vegan meat substitutes (seitan, we're looking at you), lupin flour flourishes.

With only 1g of net carbs per serving, lupin flour makes most of its red-carpet appearances in keto and low-carb baking.

Top 5 Benefits of Lupin Flour (as chosen by Modern Mountain)

Low in carbs: We know that low-carb lifestyles are here to stay. In fact, in 2018, “keto” was the most googled food-related search query in the world. And there is no lack of studies that evince the benefits of drastically limiting carbohydrate consumption in your daily diet, including losing weight, burning fat, curbing hunger, lowering blood sugar, and improving heart health2. As your new low-carb flour choice, lupin flour can help to improve your cooking and baking while keeping you in ketosis.

High in fiber: Dietary fiber has been proven to be essential in your daily diet for helping to normalize bowel movements, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, and more3. With 37% of your daily fiber intake in just one serving, lupin flour makes it easier to consume ample fiber.

Low on the glycemic index: The glycemic index was originally created to guide the diets of those with diabetes. Due to its minimal starch, lupin flour is a low-glycemic-index flour option. Studies have shown that low-glycemic diets may aid in weight loss efforts, control blood glucose levels, and curb hunger4.

Anti-inflammatory properties: Recent studies have hinted that the proteins in lupin beans may help to fight against inflammation, assisting with diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension5.

Pre-biotic: As they say – “gots to care for the guts” (trust us, they say that. You must just not know them). Given that lupin beans are a pre-biotic food, lupin flour helps to promote a healthy gut through the growth of “good” bacteria that supports digestive health.

Other Common Questions on Lupin Flour

What can you make with lupin flour?

Lupin flour has proven to be pretty darn versatile in a variety of different recipes (we haven't found lupin's limits yet). Some of our favorite uses of lupin flour are below, but you can also find all of our lupin flour recipes here:

Just a few of our favorite recent lupin flour creations!

What does lupin flour taste like?

Lupin flour is probably best known for having a naturally slightly bitter taste. But really, we think it all comes down to genetics. For every comment saying that lupin flour is bitter, you'll find several more proclaiming that no bitterness has ever been detected. So, give it a try and see what you think. Customers have said that Modern Mountain lupin flour has a fuller, nuttier flavor in comparison to other lupin flour options. To combat any bitterness, we always recommend pairing lupin flour with a bit of your favorite seasonings or sweetener, such as monk fruit sweetener, as well as always using it in a 1:1 ratio with other flours like almond flour.

Is lupin flour keto friendly?

In case you did not catch it from our summary above – YES! Lupin flour is not only keto-friendly, but is now one of the most popular keto flours on the market today. If you have not tried it, lupin flour just might be what has been missing in your low-carb pantry.

I am allergic to peanuts… can I eat lupin flour?

Lupin is a legume that is related to peanuts and soya. Some individuals with peanut and soy allergies have had issues with lupin flour, so we recommend that you do not eat lupin flour if you are allergic to legumes, peanuts, or soy. Read more on the FDA’s statement of lupin allergies here.

How many carbs are in lupin flour?

While it varies from brand to brand, Modern Mountain lupin flour has only 1g of net carbs per ¼ cup (28g) serving.

Where can I buy lupin flour near me?

While lupin flour is a hit with the keto crowd, it can still be difficult to find in local stores. But not to fret – lupin flour can be purchased with Prime 2-Day Shipping from Amazon here, or directly on our site here.

What can I substitute for lupin flour?

Truth be told, there is not much out there quite like lupin flour. However, if you find yourself in a crunch, we recommend substitute almond flour or experimenting with another pulse-based flour like chickpea.

What foods contain lupin flour?

Lupin flour is most frequently found in home-based baking and cooking, although you may find it as an ingredient in some low-carb baked goods or baking mixes on grocery store shelves.

Now, a question for you! Do you have a favorite recipe with lupin flour?

Let us know! We like to post our favorite recipes on our site. If we post yours, we'll give you (mad) props as the creator and will link to your blog or personal website (if you have one)!

Ready to give lupin flour a shot?

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